There are tens of known PHP marketplace platforms in the market and there’s surely room for more as the needs and demands of the users and developers change for the betterment. …

Price Tag: $59

What’s Included:

  • Quality checked by Envato
  • Future updates
  • Theme hosting offer
  • 6 months of support from the theme developers //getbowtied
  • You can get an additional 12 months of support at $17.63

In 2013, The Retailer was launched and has over 15,000 downloads to date. As it gets constant updates, it is one of the trustworthy themes available and the developers respond to customer queries and issues promptly. The theme includes multi-language support so that you can build the store in the language of your choice and sell products.

Image Ref: e-Commerce Nation

The term “Headless” refers to a frontend to an application infrastructure. Only an API and a backend framework connected to a database to store content are included in a headless CMS.

Continuous deployment tools had made life super easy for developers and software engineers to develop, test, and deploy the code without any hassle and unwanted delays.

In this article, I’ll walk you through a quick comparison between three powerful CD tools.

  • DeployBot
  • GitLab
  • AWS Deploycode

1. DeployBot

Without the need for a…

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