5 Best PHP Marketplace Platforms

There are tens of known PHP marketplace platforms in the market and there’s surely room for more as the needs and demands of the users and developers change for the betterment. I’ve compiled a small list of 5 Best PHP Marketplace platforms I have experienced which are a must-try if you exploring options;

1. CraftCMS //Craft Commerce

CraftCMS is a strong, exciting CMS with a lot of features that keep the developers coming back for more. A user-friendly interface is developed by the CMS and you have the flexibility to change the backend according to your business requirements. CraftCMS is designed to meet the demands of online businesses and e-commerce growth. This powerful CMS provides a modular and highly customizable custom e-commerce creation module called Craft Commerce for all online e-commerce ventures.

2. Magento

Magento is a common platform for e-commerce that provides a versatile development environment, full control of the store frontend’s UI, content, and functionality. Magento provides SEO and catalog management software along with many fantastic and efficient marketing tools, making it a premium choice for online business operators. Magento is used by a range of industry giants, including Helly Hensen, Liverpool, Landrover, and Ford.

3. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is not an eCommerce site per se, but a plugin for WordPress that transforms WordPress into an eCommerce store rich in features. It is an open-source, WordPress driven PHP marketplace plugin. Because of the functionality and creation possibilities, the Dev group finds WooCommerce a full platform. Developers, in particular, love WooCommerce for its WordPress integration and very customizable features. For more than a decade now the CMS industry has been dominated by WordPress and WooCommerce is capitalizing on that with a strong market share.

4. Bagisto

Bagisto is a free and open-source platform for e-commerce created using Laravel. Users (owners of developers and e-commerce stores) love it because of the simplicity of building dynamic, versatile, and stable e-commerce stores. Although it is a newcomer to the e-commerce platform block, because of the easy-to-use platform that simplifies setting up a multi-vendor marketplace, Bagisto is making it into the major leagues. The dev group and company owners worldwide have been impressed and the number of users is rising rapidly.

5. OpenCart

OpenCart is a marketplace/ecommerce solution built on free and open-source PHP that enables companies to tweak the platform according to their business requirements. It provides common management features such as integrated SEO, products, orders and customer handling, tax laws, coupon code functionality that is simple to enforce, and support for renowned payment gateways. A wide variety of plugins, modules, and themes available for scaling the store can be selected. OpenCart also provides timely assistance and has a wide community that is very positive.

Your Project — Your Call

The selection of a PHP marketplace simply depends on the requirements and needs of your project. In my case, these platforms always come through no matter the magnitude of the requirement of the project.

Let me know in the comments section below about your top 5 and for further read, here’s my article where I talked about PHP Marketplace Scripts and Platforms.

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